2015 Champions interviews, Part I: TR Motorsports

At the end of 2015, Race4Speed will usually interview it’s current Champions about the past season. Today: Michael Teichmann, leader of R4S F3 World Series winning squad TR Motorsports.

Race4Speed: “Michael, first let me congratulate to your team’s Championship win in the R4S F3 World Series in your very first appearance. Have you expected this huge success?”

Michael Teichmann: “To be honest, no. At the beginning, with Ros and Gomez under contract we had no clue that we would be so fast. When Hernandez joined us we expected more challenges which made me race aswell. And finally, in June, we finally aimed for the championship.”

R4S: “How much effort did you put into this championship? Have you practiced a lot for the events? And how was it for you as team to keep up the motivation over the long season?

Michael Teichmann: “We’ve practiced around 4-6 hours prior to each event, sometimes more, sometimes less. The whole team was amazing, as David and Juan are extremely good in building setups we’ve spoken daily about the car and what we can improve and so on. So our motivation kept really high during the season, especially with the success gained and the great car – it’s really easy but fun to drive! In the last few races things got a bit chaotic with the technical issues of the tracks and completely free racing, but after all it was just great.”

R4S: “Will your team racing again in 2016 to defend your title?”

Michael Teichmann: “For sure, as we want to defend the title! And we’re looking forward to fight against more teams on more tracks. It’ll be awesome!”

R4S: “Thanks Michael for your time, and good luck not only for Macau, but also your 2016 campaign!”

Michael Teichmann: “I just want to say ‘thanks’ to Race4Speed for a great championship, and to everyone, without you that wouldn’t have been possible.”

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