About Us

Race4Speed Leagues is a rFactor league system, currently running in its 4th year.

Currently the Race4Speed Leagues run a fantasy league in GPx-style, called GP1 leagues and Formula 3, aswell as special Formula 3 events and other series during the reality-motorsport off-season.

Founded originally in 2011 and re-founded in early 2013 it hosted up to yet three series in four seasons, having GP3 Series as most consistent series in three seasons.

Originally the league started as “GP2League.com” in 2011 with a 2005 GP2 league, using EA’s F1 Challenge as sim base. Due to a lack of members the league was shut down after three races.

Together with the foundation of Race4Sim the leagues where openend up again, now using a 2011 GP3 mod, still with F1 Challenge as sim. Lately during the season the league fusionated with the GP2 league of CFModding and was set to race in rFactor in 2013-14.

Main success came in late 2013, where ultimately 23 drivers from all out of Europe and South America raced in five events of the 2013/14 GP3 Winter League.

In 2014 the success of the GP3 League extended, aswell as a small Formula 3 league was set up and got underway. For the future a lot more events are planned.

In 2016, the league ran two series, in fact the 2016 GP1 Season and the 2016 Race4Speed F3 World Series.