GP3 2013/14 WL: Alex van Daalen the fastest on the Abu Dhabi test!

The Abu Dhabi test done last Sunday on December 1st was lead by van Daalen with a lap time of 1:52.944. The young driver from Status GP showed a huge potential and there is no doubt that he can be a rival to win the championship drivers.

With this fact, Carlos Frau following second, 0.2 seconds slower, while Benjamin Roeske placed himself as third, 0.5 seconds behind. These three drivers were in the fight during the full test, but nobody of them counted with the intervention of Sinan Arslan, just 0.1 s slower than Roeske. On the following positions landed Brandon Seaber, Martin Jatzek, Maurice Andrews and Constantin Grimminger. Everything is ready to start this sunday the league. With many competitive drivers, we are really looking forward to the green lights!


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