Brazil F3 Winter Cup: Preview

Just remaining a couple of weeks to start the Winter Cup, the first league build is already to test out for some members from the community. Partnering with Snow Schatten Racing Team, which both drivers will be Martin Jaztek and Michael Teichmann, the virtual team which covers many famous leagues of the world is going to prepare drivers on our league. The calendar includes a total of 3 Brazilian tracks, bests and exotics which were included in real competition. Every track suposes such a challenge for European drivers who only raced GP2, GP3 and Euro F3. Another of featured teams will be Kemba Racing whose team owner Leonardo de Souza (experienced F3 Sudam-Brasil driver) is going to take part in the project and its drivers will be Carlos Frau and Constantin Grimminger.

Every Grand Prix will hold 3 races, 1 on saturday and 2 on sunday. First saturday race will depends in which positions drivers finished the Qualifying session. The Race 2 is going to be the inverted grid of how finished Race 1 while Race 3, the grid works as Qualifying sessions (same than race 1).

Just be ready at the end of october, next days official calendar will be launched. Remember to join our league just register on the forum and apply on Race4Speed leagues section the league where you want to race, name and nationality.


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