European F3 Cup: Experiences a lot of interest, still a lot of work to do!

Just 24 hours after we have opened up the registration via the brand new homepage you’re actually looking at, we have experienced a lot of interest for our brand new 2014 F3 Cup. Teams and drivers from every country sent us a registration form and a lot of others asked us if there are seats available. If we would have known before that there is such a huge interest for a F3 league, we would have started it earlier!

Still, we have a lot of work to do until we can race. The Japanese F3 mod gives us so many options in terms of team customisation, like 6 different engines from a lot of seasons, while we are currently working on even more like the 2004 Sodemo engine, fitting to the F304 chassis. This huge amount of options makes it of course also a bit complicated to get everything sorted, but as long as it does not get as complicated as the SCC mod we’re happy…!

Also the preparation for 2015 is already going on in full-speed, as we are thinking big for 2015. Really big. But you’ll get to know when the time is ready.
We can give you a small hint, of course. As you probably saw, the winner of the 2014 R4S F3 Cup Class A Championship will get a really special price: an exclusive test day in the Dallara F312 chassis. Yeah, we have it, thanks to a great modder, and we are allowed to use it in our leagues. Exclusively! So you can definetly be excited about our 2015 plans!

But first the 2014 season and then we will see… 🙂


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