GP3 2013/14 WL: First Matchball lost – Frau wins in Spa

The Circuit de Spa-Frankorchamps is not only in real racing known for somehow strange races, but also in sim racing. And once again, the legendary track has proven why it’s so legendary.
Bastian Paisler had the chance to make everything save for him in Belgium by getting pole position, driving the fastest lap and winning the race. Unfortunately for him, the strongered Carlos Frau finnaly broke the domination of Paisler in the league by doing exactly, what Paisler should have done. Frau dominated the Qualifying by already two tenths of a second against his opponent Paisler, while all other German driver looked racy aswell.

In the warm-up lap almighty Spa strike again, Paisler lost his front wing due an emergency reaction to avoid spinning – he had to start out of the pits, way back behind the Grid.
Surprisingly, La Source wasn’t turned into a car cemetery and except of a collision between Jatzek and Andrei everything went fine in lap one. Already there it was clear that there will outrage a fight between Frau, the super-starter Roeske and Arslan for the lead. The duel between them was amazing to watch, while hard to drive. Roeske pushed Frau once off the track, which gave him a +3 places grid penalty for Monza, but then it happened: Driving into Pouhon, Frau made a move on defending Roeske which lead into the race-deciding collision between them. Roeske spun out by having no chance to react quickly enough on Fraus move. Later on, Roeske suffered from following suspension damage and crashed out. Frau finally got his first win, but he payed a lot for that, as he has to do a stop-and-go in Monza race.
The second place was gained by Sinan Arslan, driving relaxed home when Frau was pacing to win the race, a great result for the young German. Same for British Brandon Seaber, who finally achieved his first podium position in the GP3 league.
Quite a while behind the podium places, Constantin Grimminger saw the flag as fourth, equalizing his best finish this season and defending off an outraging Bastian Paisler, who eventually came home on fifth place, keeping up the lead in the drivers championship after plowing through the whole field.
Both, Alvaro Hernandez and Javier Granados showed a good performace by finishing sixth and seventh respectievly, both achieving their personal best finishing position. Ricardo Mleziva scored his first regular championship points, driving for British Carlin team, but defending off Martin Jatzek in such an ugly way, he will start as last in Monza, no matter what. Jatzek came home ninth.

With the new championship positions, Paisler just six points ahead of Frau, a rising tension between the drivers and the surprisingly strong Frau himself, we can look forward to a great Monza race! Will Paisler be fast enough to strike back and make it all save in the drivers championship? Will Frau minimalize the gap between him and Paisler? Or will another driver rise? Be there in Monza to watch and compete in a -surely- awesome race.


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