Interview with F3 Champion and Macau winner Brandon Seaber

Race4Speed: Good evening, Brandon! Just on the way from your monstrous R4S F3 win in Macau and now aiming for the GP3 team championship, in between still living in reality, eg. preparing FIA F3 skins. How do you feel these days?

Brandon Seaber: Busy! Very busy, but I’m really good to be honest. In terms of ‘sim life’, going into the Macau weekend I didn’t expect to come out with a win, so I’m really on a high, ready to wrap up the GP3 teams title.

R4S: Tell us something about your private life. You do work in a web design studio, right?

BS: Yes, I’m currently head of design at a web design company in the UK, where I’ve worked for the past 3 & a bit years. We work on a wide range of different websites, from simple content websites to full online shops. Lots of variety! In my evenings I then work on my motorsport design, which gives me a great opportunity to design something other than websites. The coolest part thought is definitely working some of the brightest young talent in motorsport, it makes all the time and effort worth it

R4S: That’s quite a lot! In how far can you arrange all that with sim racing? Do you even have some time for training on your upcoming events?

BS: It certainly limits the amount of time I have to practice. I guess a usual weekend build up consists of 15/20 laps on the Thursday & Friday evenings before the race weekend, if I can. For Macau I did 40/50 laps the previous weekend though, because of the importance of the race and knowing that I’d need to be very quick in the race to come from the back.

R4S: So despite the small amount of time for testing you became 2014 R4S F3 Champion! Was that your first driver championship? Did you expected to win the championship before the season started?

BS: Yes it was, other than that championship I’d only run in the R4S GP3 league. I would be lying if I said I expected to win, but after the first qualifying session I knew I’d stand a chance if I kept calm at the starts, which had been an issue in my first GP3 races. Unfortunately I missed the races that weekend after taking pole by a fairly large gap, but I knew that the rest of the races were winnable, so I was confident after that.

R4S: [Laughs] Well they were indeed! I just can remember of the 2013 Valencia Race start, where you crashed somehow half of the grid!

BS: Don’t remind me! That sums up my first weekends in GP3, far to eager to make a good start and impression, that I out-braked myself twice, once on the initial start and then again on the restart. Races to forget…

R4S: And now you’re F3 champ! 😉 Something about the future: R4S will start a GP2 league in 2014-15 – what do you expect from yourself there? Have you found yet some time to try the mod already?

BS: It’s really a journey into the unknown, having only really raced on the lower junior categories on sims, so I have no idea how I’ll handle the extra power. I’ve had time to do 10 laps or so in the GP2 car and they seem like a lot of fun; I’d be happy challenging for podiums in the first season and then go from there.

R4S: Last question for today! Will we see you in 2015 also back in GP3 to -perhaps- defend your team title? Or will you fully concentrate on F3?

BS: At the moment I’m planning on concentrating on F3, with GP2 on the side. I guess I might make a few appearances in GP3 if teams are short, but nothing serious.

R4S: Alright, thanks for spending some time on this interview! Good luck for Abu Dhabi, the GP2 series and of course with your real life! 😉

BS: Thank you!

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