GP3 2013/14 WL: Interview with german Constantin Grimminger

Interview with german Constantin Grimminger, 2013-14 R4S GP3 League driver and german Auto Motor und Sport magazine:

AMS: “Bonjour Mr. Grimminger, nice to meet you. Just to explain the ‘Bonjour’, I thought it’s better to stay with your teams language. You are driving for ART GP, a french team. How do you feel there?”

CG: (laughs) “Hello. Well, being a driver for ART feels great. I’m nearly every week in Villeneuve-la-Guyard, visiting the factory. The atmosphere there is relaxed, but really professional aswell. You really can feel the tension of enthusiasm and professionalism there.”

AMS: “So do you think you can improve your results? The tests weren’t looking good for you, neither for ART.”

CG: “Well, no. I was 5th out of nine in the Abu Dhabi test race, leaving Roeske behind me. That was even more then expected! Especially as Roeske is one of the favourites in my opinion. I just hope that Alex [Ferrero, editorial note] improve his results. Unfortunately he was missing in two of three sessions, but I’ll get in contact with him soon to speak about Valencia.”

AMS: “Will you play a role in the championship win?”

CG: “No.”

AMS: “Why?”

CG: “I simply know that there are a lot of much better drivers out there, like Roeske, Paisler, Frau, van Daalen, Arslan. Also I think that the championship will go between these five. But who knows, Seaber was looking quick on the last test aswell. It’s a completely new championship, nobody can tell what will happen. Maybe another, super-fast driver will join after Valencia and beat them all? We cannot know.”

AMS: “On a scale from one to ten, while ten is the highest value, how nervous are you?”

CG: “Hard question. Yet zero. But if the lights go on it will be eleven.” (laughs)

AMS: “Last question for today: who will win in Valencia?”

CG: “Hmm… I hope, one of the underdogs or the unknown. I hope, Seaber.” (laughs)

AMS: “Okay, that was it. Thank you or your time and good luck in Valencia!”

CG: “Thanks!”


Picture taken by: Jatzek Photography


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