GP3 2013/14 WL: Interview with Martin Jatzek, #4 MW Arden driver.

Interview with and Martin Jatzek, #4 MW Arden driver. “Mr. Jatzek, you were bocked by Ricardo Mleziva in an extremely way. Did that cost you a better Position?”

Martin Jatzek: “Of course. Ther race itself was not good, as I’ve started quite bad. Then the crash with Stan Andrei and the blockings of Mleziva – right there my race was over.” “How angry are you?”

MJ: “It’s okay. Of course my hopes for a position in the upper half of the drivers championship are gone.” “Will you talk with Mleziva about these incidents?”

MJ: “No, surely not. That’s not worth it. He became a penalty, case closed for me.” “What do you expect from yourself in the remaining two races?”

MJ: “Well, my driving style fits good to Monza. I’ll push as hell in the Qualifying already and hope, to raise the level in the race. Abu Dhabi is one of my personal favourite tracks, so I hope to have a good race there aswell. For sure it will be a great finale for a great league.” “Will you support your team mate Paisler in the fight for the championship? And will MW Arden achieve the team championship?”

MJ: “Of course!” “So thanks for this interview and good luck for the remaining races.”

MJ: “Thanks!”


Picture taken by: Jatzek Photography


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