Interview with twice GP3 champion Bastian Paisler

Race4Speed: Good evening, Bastian! Second time you are GP3 champion, second time in a row of course, you won more then half of all races and dominated the season – again. How does that feel?

Bastian Paisler: It’s great to be champion for the second time. It surely shows me that all the testing and trial and error was worth it – especially as my opponents gave me a hard time at some races, where only luck helped me. In general, the level of GP3 has raised, so I’m happy that I got it again.

R4S: You’re currently series administrator of the Formula DRL at DLM Racing e.V., you’re also going to work – what are you exactly doing and how do you arrange that with all your engagement in simracing?

BP: I’m currently in training as a media technologist in Offset printing, before that I was design assistant and had to work a lot with PhotoShop and all this kind of stuff. So in my free time I’m working a lot with PhotoShop too and try to keep myself up-to-date there, it’s kind of a passion. If then there’s some time left, I’m racing, of course. Trying some new mods in rFactor or prepare myself for the next events.

R4S: Interesting, seems like racing ist more just a hobby to you! Back to racing itself then. As you win at average every second GP3 race in R4S, we have to know how many races you want to win in GP2! You have twelve shots this season, will you make them all save?

BP: Well…! (laughs) I don’t want to say that I’m getting all twelve for sure, but I’m surely trying to get them all!

R4S: Definetly something your concurrents will try to prevent (laughs)! And also great ambitions from you!

BP: Sure! In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to start without any ambitions!

R4S: You might be right about that, no doubt! Just another glance into the future, in fact about 2015 GP3 season. Will we see you there in a red car again?

BP: Well if I ever did something in simracing, then it was to stay with teams – as long as they don’t disappear. In the old DRL series I’ve been racing with Red Bull (until the series closed down, e.n.), now it’s Arden in both, GP2 and GP3.

R4S: So we can be sure that Arden wil fight for the GP3 title just another time! That was it for today, thanks for your time and good luck for the GP2 series and all your other projects!

BP: Thanks a lot!

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