One week to go for BrF3!

In one week another chapter will be written in R4S’ F3 history.
Because then R4S will host a second F3 season and, by that, another F3 series. For the first time ever in R4S we will see a motorsport class competing in two series. Despite the F3 Cup season has ended and the Brazilian F3 season is just about to get underway, there are still two seasons going on – as Macau will be soon aswell.

With several unique Brazilian Circuits and drivers from all over the World aswell as real racing drivers we will see not only close battles on track and a high level of racing, but also a close battle for the championship for sure.

Just by that, we got more confirmed entries – Myles Dixon will compete with his own team, SlipStream Racing, while Louis Ledoux will race for a yet to-be-announced team.

So yes, we only have one week to go for BrF3. And yes, we are looking forward to it. And yes, you can be excited about!
If you want to compete, just register here:

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