GP3 2013/14 WL: Paisler domains the GP3 League winning the two firsts events, a lagging Frau, and problems for Roeske.

We cannot define it better, Paisler follows being the fastest driver in qualify while Roeske could battle him during race being first for most part of the race. Paisler Crain and Dixon were fighting for the 2nd position during first lap, but both trident disturbed between them so Bastian could pass.

The several car problems from Roeske didn’t let him to get his first victory in the GP3 league and every time is more complicated to think about winning the championship. Same for Frau, who slept in the start and lost two positions against Trident cars. After fighting against Dixon, Myles spun in the first turn, same for Crain in the before lap, which let to Frau to advance to the 3rd position. After Roeske problems, Frau overtook him finishing 2nd and at 15 seconds from Paisler. The fight for the 4rd position was decided in the firsts laps, involving Seaber, Grimminger and Arslan. Seaber showed quite fast and got some advantage in front of the others, while Grimminger overtook Arslan and keep the 5th position. Jatzek and Granados fighted for the 7th/8th positions, Martin was much faster than Javier, getting in this way good points for MW Arden. Granados, who took a GP3 for first time, he did a very good performance on track making personal hotlaps all the time and getting 4 points in his first race. Arancibia got his firsts points perhaps he was overlapped 7 times, he had a hard and complicated weekend, with a no competitive car. Finally nobody could get the last point as Dixon, Crain, Leonowicz and Hernandez left the race. While Mleziva recived a DSQ for using the wrong car in-game, Campigotto didn’t start the race too for connection problems.In general, hard to say in words what happened, probably is much better to watch the race other time.


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