Paisler re-crowned champion! Grimminger and Forner win races.

It’s been a sensational weekend for GP3 in Sochi. For the first time since Austria drivers championship leading driver Bastian Paisler had to skip races, which would have allowed runner-up Benjamin Roeske to cut down Paislers lead to a minimum. But it went all wrong for Roeske.

Pole setter Constantin Grimminger. team mate of Roeske, won the start aswell as turn one, before forcing Roeske later into a spin. This plus another incident ruined Roeskes race and nearly all chances of winning the title in 2014. Later on, Grimminger dominated the race and won by over 6 seconds for the first time since October 2013. Still, he was found guilty by the Stewarts for crashing Roeske, giving him a warning and by that, a 10 place grid penalty for the first race in Abu Dhabi.
Podium finishers were originally Jenzer boys Sebastian Dahlmann on P2 and Marc Stwerka on P3, but Stwerka was later found been guilty on forcing Gallego off track, giving him a +10 seconds penalty, which moved up Status GP driver Victor Forner on P3.

Race 2 began with Roeske spinning in the formation lap, which caused him to lose his rear wing. Back in pits, he repaired the damage and started the race from the pits. At this Moment, he was also still in the hunt for the drivers title.
Grimminger made by far the best start, moving up seven places already into turn 2, being second behind Hilmer Motorsport’s Martin Jatzek. By that, the German showed his hunger for another win. But it went all wrong for him, as he later crashed into Forners back. Luckily enough Forner escaped the collision without any visible damage and continued leading the race. Only half a lap later Stwerka also crashed into Forner, which finally gave Forner the momentum to be alone into the lead. He won in front of his team mate Miguel Veneno, who collected his first podium. Martin Jatzek had a great opportunity to win the race, but was collected by Daniel Wilhelmi and finished 3rd.
Roeske collided already in Lap 5 with Miguel Veneno, which destroyed his race finally in a spectacular race. He was been found guilty, but not penalized.
It was obvious by that already that Paislers lead was unreachable and so is the old and new champion of the GP3 series. Congratulations!

While P1 and P2 are already decided in drivers championship, P3-5 are still in a close fight. At the moment, Grimminger leads this group by two points over Stwerka, who leads by just three points over Carlos Frau. We will see a tight race between these three in Abu Dhabi for sure!
Also, the team’s championship is yet undecided. Carlin does lead over Arden International by 26.5 points. We can be sure that both teams will fight for the title as hard as they can!

See you for a surely amazing race in Abu Dhabi.

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