Race4Speed 2015-16 winter series coming up!

It’s time to tell you about the future. Good news this time for all touring car fans!

As the seasons of the Race4Speed GP3 League​ and the Race4Speed F3 Series​ are coming to an end soon, we’re really happy to announce that we are going to try something new again for the European winter season.
This time, it is: V8 Supercars on rF1. We will use the most actual cars on the most actual circuits – this means, we will have real teams, real circuits, real feel! The V8 Supercars are going to feature some setup restricitions, which will promise close wheel-to-wheel action and great fights on track. Especially with the combination of Street Circuits and legendary Australian permanent tracks, we are looking forward to have great races on great tracks! Further details will be revealed soon, but as we’ve always stayed close to reality at R4S, you can be sure that we will do so aswell in V8 Supercars.

Also, we are looking forward to host a series in Reiza’s Game Stock Car Extreme. After hours of testing, we are sure that this simulation will be an improvement for our league. Yet it is uncedided which cars/mods we will use at GSCE, but there is definetly something great coming up.

Watch our Facebook page for further information coming soon!

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