Stwerka becomes 2017-I GP1 champion

Marc Stwerka defended his title in the 2017-I GP1 season.

German Marc Stwerka, who became the first fully legit GP1 champion in 2016 defended his title into the new era of GP1 racing in 2017-I. The experienced driver dominated pretty much all races of the season, as the took pole in seven out of eight events so far and, even more impressive, took 12 wins in 24 races.
Stwerka won the 2017-I title in a curious way though, as neither him nor his opponent Lucas Murno have participated in the latest event at Hockenheim. However, as the points gap is big enough already, Stwerka is uncatchable in the lead and surely happy about his win.

The Hockenheim event was filled with thrill though, as nearly all participants had the ability to win at least one race. Cristian Alvarez, team mate of Stwerka, delivered a solid job and took a sip out of the winner’s champaign in Race 1, while Jesus Marcano and Constantin Grimminger stood on the top step of the rostrum in Race 2 and Race 3 for their first time respectievly. German rookie Phillip Volland took the fastest lap in Race 1, showing how tight the competition really was.

“The weekend was a pretty successful one. Not only that we found our new and old champion, but saw also two first-time winners and Alvarez gaining ground on P2 in the drivers’ championship made up some really good stories. We can only look forward to the remaining two rounds” stated series organizer Grimminger.

The next event will be held at Fuji in two weeks time, on June 18th.

Picture made by Martin Jatzek.