Veneno unbeatable in Austria

Spanish driver Miguel Veneno was the man to beat in Austria. After defeated off Pole Position on Saturday, his major strike back followed one day after. In the first race, he and polesetter Javier Granados fighted for the win all race long with the better end for Veneno. Constantin Grimminger, runner-up in driver’s championship, finished up third.

Miguel Veneno (Campos Racing): Well, it was a completely amazing battle during all those 17-20 laps with Javi[er Granados], he has really good skills and his driving style is too good to run in his times. We was passing each other, and for six laps I really thought I keep stucked on 2nd place. Winning it after all was incredible. The last race with Benjamin [Röske] and this one with Javi, so I’m happy to gain so many experience in these two races.

Javier Granados (Koiranen GP): The start was pretty good, I could maintain my first position ahead of Miguel [Veneno]. After that, started a very good battle between us. Was so good compete with him, he’s very clean and very quick. Was exciting. In the final laps, I made a mistake in turn 2 that costed me the possibility to fight with Miguel for the victory. I’m very disappointed, I had worked a lot for this race. More than 300 laps of preparation. If you look my last season, yeah this is a pretty good result but I’m not happy. I know that I had the pace to win, so my area to improve is to find consistency. Congrats to Miguel, what he has done is impressive and he deserves the victory. Congrats too to Constantin for his 3rd place, he’s a driver that I respect a lot and I’m sure that in the next races will be fighting for the victory. Now, I have to do a better job to arrive to Silverstone in good conditions.

Constantin Grimminger (ART GP): Being back on the podium again feels good, despite I don’t think that I’ve really deserved it. My start was pretty bad, but despite a lot of errors I’ve managed it to fight my way back. The battle with Sergi was really good, kudos to him for that. Still, I’ve made by far too many mistakes – also without the help of Martin [Jatzek] this 3rd place would have been impossible. Great team play from him. Congrats also to Veneno and Granados of course, didn’t expect him to be that quick on his comeback.


In Race 2, Granados looked way better then Veneno, but a late crash led not only to a pit stop but also to a disqualification for the Comeback-Suprise. By that, Veneno won dominating in front of Grimminger and team mate Sergi Maturana.

Miguel Veneno (Campos Racing): The 2nd race was… sad by myself, ok I won and everything, but in lap 14 or so Javi[er Granados] and me were running and batteling again, but in the last two corners of that lap, the 14, I was one meter ahead of his car and in the exit of the 1st of the corners I saw that I would “make a visit” to the grass, so I had to brake a little bit, bad luck was for Javi, that going too close to me, collided and his front wing went off, I had no other chance. This is not a real victory, me and Javi had to battle until the end.
Constantin Grimminger (ART GP): Well, back on P2 – could be worse, as I was really lucky again by Granados’ accident, but again I’ve made way too many mistakes. Definetly need to practice a lot more for Silverstone, as I finally need to fight Veneno down to keep my championship hopes alive. Anyways, focus is now on F3 in Valencia on Friday, before going back to the Simulator to practice for Silverstone. Also need to improve my infight-skills there, as I got really desperate on Maturana. Congrats again to Veneno and Maturana, he did all the best to keep me behind him.
Sergi Maturana (Campos Racing): Amazing the best race of the year in R4S, good drivers not alot mistakes and funny race.

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