When a single event will be so great drivers come back out of their retirement – Race4Speed PaddockTalk

The organizers of the Race4Speed GP1 series have promised us a very interesting Red Bull Ring event on May 7th with several of surprises – the biggest one of it might have been dropped already.

As preparation for the event has increasingly become more busy this week, we heard rumours of former Ecodrom Prototype Racing driver Martin Jatzek stepping back in for a last challenge in the 2017-I GP1 season. His plans for a comeback were not for any race in the 2017 seasons so far, but with lead driver Constantin Grimminger begging his former team mate to fulfil his role as solid point scorer he has put the race gloves back on for his team.

“I’m honestly excited to come back again for this event and drive once again with my team mates, they’re all cool and professional drivers that can go for race wins. Austria was always very special for me. My goal will be to score the maximum amount of points for the team.” stated Jatzek, GP1 vice champion of the 2016 season. Originally he has claimed his immediate retirement from GP1 after the Barcelona event due to low results. However, his protege Grimminger is still up in the title fight and has claimed strong results this season.

Jatzek, who is also the team principal of Ecodrom Prototype Racing, has since placed racing rookie Phillip Volland into his cockpit to partner Grimminger in the remaining season. Luckily Volland does not have to sit out the event due to the recent seat changes, as he will get back into his former car at Prototype Racing Academy to partner the Academy’s debutant Francisco Vazquez.

Grimminger himself said that the return of Jatzek into the EPR cockpit is overall a good thing for the team: “Martin can deliver some amazing results and is fully able to get close to the limit quickly, we all saw that last season. He just needs to be a bit more patient with himself.” That Volland gets demoted for one event won’t hurt him, said Grimminger: “I trust Phillip as much as I trust Martin. This ‘demotion’ is just a part of his learning process, as he knows and even agreed on by himself. In general, it’s been a pleasure to work with him so far.”

With this huge suprise blowing cover just today we are sure that the 2017-I GP1 event at the Red Bull Ring will get even more exiting!